DIY Fawn Mask

DIY Fawn Mask

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume for your little one but don't want to flock to the crowded big box stores the week before? We love this sweet and simple DIY for one of our favorite woodland creatures, the fawn! All you need is a little bit of felt, some hot glue and some sparkles and you're set! We've included a handy template for you to print out and trace so you can make your own adorable fawn friends as soon as you get back from the craft store!

Materials You'll Need
  • Rylee + Cru Fawn Template / download deer face HERE / download ears and antlers HERE
  • Assortment of felt in neutral colors
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1/2 inch ribbon (Approx. 30 inch. )
  • *any added decor (dried flowers, embellishments, etc.)

Step 1

Collect felt and cut out mask pieces from the template

Step 2

Lay out template pieces on squares of felt and trace around the template using your pen on the felt.

Step 3

Snip snip! Cut out your traced pieces of felt. *Be sure to cut 2 of the 'eye mask' and 'antlers' part only of the template. (You will use both pieces of the actual 'eye mask' to sandwich the rest of the pieces later.)

Step 4
Cut your ribbon in half so you have about 15 in. on both sides. This may be extra ribbon than you'll actually need, but it's better to have more than not enough.
Step 5
Follow the images and puzzle the rest of your pieces together. * We added in some gold floral stems for aesthetic.
Step 6

Glue together the 2 pieces of the antlers first (this will help them stay upright). Glue the rest together and you're all done!

Have a fawn time!