Holiday Traditions | Meet the Team ft. Jeff Gardner | Rylee + Cru

Holiday Traditions | Meet the Team ft. Jeff Gardner | Rylee + Cru

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am Jeff Gardner, originally from North of Boston, MA. I moved to San Diego 7 years ago with my dog Cliff, who I have had since 2008. I love Hockey (Boston Bruins) and playing golf at Torrey Pines every weekend. I am newly married to my best friend, Mosie. We got married in March and have had the best year yet. 

I am the operations and logistics manager here at R+C and QM, I was the first hire and have been with the company since basically the beginning. 
I have really enjoyed watching the company blossom from our 26 piece line to what you see today. It's always fun seeing each season begin, with all of the creativity and hard work that goes into it from every member of the team. I am very lucky to be apart of such a special little/big company (that’s what we call it)!

What is your favorite Holiday tradition? 

We have family here and on the east coast. We are lucky enough to spend thanksgiving at my family’s bed and breakfast in Vermont. It’s very much a “hallmark” holiday event. Christmas is a little less traditional and focuses on spending time together rather than presents. My wife loves to decorate the house in every type of tinsel she can find which brings out the holiday spirit! 

Favorite Holiday memory as a child? 

Any year that it snowed a wicked amount. 

What is your favorite Holiday dish? 

My Moms homemade Chex Mix, she even sends it from the East coast.

Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?

Necronominog (it’s a fancy nog from my favorite restaurant)

Colored lights or white lights? 


Real tree or fake? 

Fake Rose Gold Tree! My wife wanted one, so I found the last one in San Diego to start our own tree tradition! I found the very last floor model in the county! 

What is your favorite Holiday movie?

Nightmare Before Christmas, Elf and or any Harry Potter movie.

What is your favorite Holiday song?

I’m not really a fan of Holiday music, but If I had to choose one it would be either “Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you” or "Nightmare before Christmas - What’s this” 

Do you remember your favorite gift? 

The Millennium Falcon when I was probably 6, which I still wish I had, it’s a collectable and I’m a dork.

What's on your wishlist this year? 

Bruins tickets