Holiday Traditions | Meet the Team ft. Kevin Murray | Rylee + Cru

Holiday Traditions | Meet the Team ft. Kevin Murray | Rylee + Cru

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Having been in the apparel design and production industry for 30+ years, it was a natural evolution for me to focus on building a business with Kelli in honor of her kids (my grandkids). Besides the obvious blessing of working with my daughter, working in the baby+children's apparel industry has been a breath of fresh air for me. The store owners and buyers I get to work with are so nice, so kind and all do it for the love of kids. How can you not smile when you look at new samples, new art, and new designs all geared towards babies and kids :0) It truly is an honor to build a business within this passionate community.

What is your favorite Holiday tradition?

For my wife Sherri and me, it is really all about the family. We were married young, had kids young and have never looked back. We have loved every minute of presents under the tree, family dinners and time spent together during the holidays. We are now surrounded by 9 amazing grandkids that fill our hearts with so much joy. We couldn’t be more thankful.

What is your favorite holiday dish? 

I have to say I am kinda into the desserts :0)

Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? 

Eggnog, but not too much of it!

Colored lights or white lights?

All White!

Real tree or fake?

Real when possible, but fake can be good too.

What is your favorite Holiday song? 

The classics for me, Silent Night has always been a favorite

Do you remember your favorite gift? 

Kelli was born on December 19th and we have always called her our Christmas Baby. Can't get a better gift than that.

What's on your wishlist this year? 

I never really have a wish list, if I wish for anything it is just to be healthy and strong to keep up with all the little ones! But we are working on an office remodel with Christmas as the anticipated completion date. So I am wishing for that :0)