Holiday Traditions | Meet the Team ft. Laura Fortino | Rylee + Cru

Holiday Traditions | Meet the Team ft. Laura Fortino | Rylee + Cru
Tell us a bit about yourself: 
I am Laura Fortino and I am originally from New Jersey. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for many years, Georgia for a bit, and now we are buying our first house back in California (it's always been where my heart is). My husband, Matt, and I have two daughters - Harlow & Mila. I am the Social Media and Events Coordinator for Rylee + Cru & Quincy Mae, and I’ve been with the company for a year now. My favorite part is how small the company is (even when sometimes it seems so big!) and how closely everyone works together. I love seeing everyone do their thing!

What is your favorite Holiday tradition?

Assembling Santa’s village, and building a train underneath the Christmas tree. My brother and I would sit and play with it for hours when we were little, and now my daughters love to do the same thing. I still have the same train!

What is your favorite Holiday dish?

For the past few years we started making vegetable pot pies from scratch on Christmas Eve, and it’s become the meal I look forward to the most! 
Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate

Colored lights or white lights?

We use both! I prefer white but my girls like the colors. 

Real tree or fake?

Real, always! 

What is your favorite Holiday movie? 

We watch all of them, but a family favorite is Home Alone.

What is your favorite Holiday song?

I've been loving Hallelujah by Pentatonix

Favorite Holiday memory as a child?

When my brother and I would get together with my cousins on Christmas Eve, and when it started to get late we’d look up into the sky for Rudolph’s nose (which we’d always swear we saw so we had to rush home before Santa passed our house!) 

Do you remember your favorite gift?

I was really excited when I got a karaoke machine in like 3rd grade! I remember it getting great use from all the adults Christmas night 

What's on your wishlist this year?

My wish *always* is for health and happiness for my family. Second, a latte machine!