National Creativity Day

National Creativity Day
In celebration of National Creativity Day, we're giving you a glimpse into the creative inspiration and beautiful designs behind the Rylee + Cru Collective, Kelli Murray Larson.
Q+A with Kelli
1. Where do you find inspiration for the Rylee + Cru Collective?
We usually like to revolve our collections around a loose 'theme' to get our wheels turning. From there, we research places, animals, plants, objects, etc., relevant to that theme that inspire our art and color palette. My favorite part of the design process is this beginning stage where we are able to imagine what the collection will look and feel like and how we plan to bring that vision to life!
2. What is the design process like when creating a new collection for upcoming seasons?
Step one is putting together a color palette and gathering inspiration. Then I start putting together a merchandised lineplan in Adobe Illustrator made up of both repeat styles and new silhouettes. I assign each style colors from the palette and then start creating art and plugging in different hand drawn patterns where I see fit. This stage kind of feels like a big puzzle where I move things around and test out a bunch of different colorways and variations before landing on the final design plan. The next thing I do is create tech packs for each style that list out all of the detail (trim, stitching, print, buttons, etc.) for that garment and send that off to our factory to get a first sample made. We typically go through a few rounds of sampling for any new styles we create to make sure we get the fit just right. And once we receive our full set of final salesman samples, we take that line to tradeshows where we meet with buyers and pre-book orders for the season. And then we do that process all over again, and again :)
3. What are some fun ways you channel your creativity outside of work?
I love to bake and to throw parties. I love doing craft projects with my kids, painting, sewing with my daughter, and decorating and re-decorating my home!

We are incredibly grateful for Kelli and for the fun and beauty that she shares not only in her work but in all aspects of her life. Be sure to check out her illustrations as you shop the Rylee + Cru Collective!