Rylee + Cru Retailer Spotlight: Flying Ryno

Rylee + Cru Retailer Spotlight: Flying Ryno
We’re always excited to highlight the beautiful retailers we partner with that help make The Rylee + Cru Collective what it is today. Each one all over the world has its own look, feel, and story, so this is where we get to share that local feeling with all of you and the inspiration behind each store.

For our next feature we are excited to introduce you to Flying Ryno!


Q. Tell us about your store! What made you decide to open up your own retail space?

A. Flying Ryno. Newborn to teen. Clothing and Fun. I dreamed of having my own store since working retail in NYC fresh out of college. Who wouldn’t want to play with toys all day? I mean clearly a kids store was the direction to go.


Q. What is your favorite thing about running your store?

A. That is a hard one... it's really all my favorite. The customers, the kids, seeing what Rylee + Cru is doing each season.... I do know, I am not good at getting the inventory in our system.


Q. What does a typical day look like for you?

A. After getting my own four kids to their respective schools with all their things... someone usually forgets something... I head one mile up the road to Flying Ryno. All days are pretty bananas around here but always fun.


Q. How do you select the brands you carry?

A. Look, FEEL (soft is required), must have an easy vibe and be playable. You're only a kid for a bit: play hard. I love a good brand story. Huge plus if I can connect a human to the brand - I have to really really love who and what they do to carry them.


Q. If we had one day in your hometown, where should we visit?

A. I mean us of course! Then go across the way and get coffee from Fable and Fire. Wander the farmers market to try all the local things. Lunch at Zanata for the best wood-fired pizza and salads. For dessert you have to go to Bonafide Betties Pie. She was awarded best pie in TEXAS (Texas is big Y'all). Her motto is "thick pies save lives” - and let me tell you she makes magic happen. If pie did not kill the dessert desire, right next door is Wild Daisy and they make their own cotton candy and it's fluffy and so good. After that, linger in the plaza and listen to some live music and maybe even dance a few moves. To end your day go two miles up the road to Shenaniganz - I mean bowling and shuffleboard is always a solid choice. Never disappoints.

Q. Is there anything else you want to share about your store?

A. We have a pet dino. Just thought you should know.

Connect with Flying Ryno:

Location: 105 S San Jacinto St. Rockwall, TX 75087

Website: flyingryno.com

Instagram: @shopflyingryno