Rylee + Cru Retailer Spotlight: Kid's Anthem

Rylee + Cru Retailer Spotlight: Kid's Anthem
We’re always excited to highlight the beautiful retailers we partner with that help make The Rylee + Cru Collective what it is today. Each one all over the world has its own look, feel, and story, so this is where we get to share that local feeling with all of you and the inspiration behind each store.

For our next feature we are excited to introduce you to Kid's Anthem!


Q. Tell us about your store! What made you decide to open up your own retail space?

A. Different from most boutique owners, I did not grow up with a passion for fashion or a dream of owning my own boutique. Instead, my plan was to become a teacher as I have always been fascinated by early childhood development. Witnessing the innocence, playfulness, and pure joy that children possess is a magical experience for me. For six years, I lived my dream of teaching kindergarten students how to read, write, and learn through play. However, right before my seventh year, my husband and I were blessed with a sweet little blue-eyed boy who required special medical care. I felt moved to stay at home and take care of him. Given my background in education and with only one student on my class roster, I began researching the best toys for brain development and toys with the highest health standards, only to discover that our town, as well as surrounding areas, did not offer these options. Shortly after, we welcomed our daughter, Lauren, to our family, and it became clear that my next chapter would be in the world of children's fashion. I felt an overwhelming urge to open a store in my hometown that would offer children's clothing, toys, and shoes that meet the highest standards. Today, 11 years later, Kid's Anthem remains a place that celebrates the magic of childhood every single day.

Q. What is your favorite thing about running your store?

A. It's all about the children. Like when a little girl twirls out of the dressing room because she's found the PERFECT dress and then puts her hands in the pockets, exclaiming with a huge smile, "It has pockets!" Or when a little boy, who is in love with dinosaurs, finds the exact one he was looking for and proceeds to tell you all the facts he knows about it. These are the moments that make it all worth it. It's the pure joy and excitement that the children bring that makes this job so rewarding.

Q. How do you select the brands you carry?

A. One of my favorite aspects of running Kid's Anthem is working with the clothing designers. These individuals are some of the most talented people I've ever met, and even after 11 years, I still get excited to see what they create each season. When selecting brands for our store, we prioritize the highest standards for fashion, comfort, and quality. We ask ourselves a series of questions to ensure that the brand is a good fit for Kid's Anthem. We believe that children can look stylish and feel comfortable, safe, and confident in their clothing. While we appreciate a "wow factor," we are very selective, and a brand will only make it onto our shelves if it meets all of our standards.

Q. If we had one day in your hometown, where should we visit?

A. I would recommend exploring Main Street. You can park on the west side of the street and shop the small locally owned businesses and restaurants. It's a great way to experience the charm and uniqueness of the mom and pop shops that line the street.

Connect with Kid’s Anthem

Location: 308 W. Main St. Tomball, TX 77375

Website: kidsanthem.com

Instagram: @kidsanthem