SS19 Collection

SS19 Pura Vida Collection
   - a simple life - 

If any of you have visited Costa Rica, I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase PURA VIDA. It translates to pure life or simple life. This tropical paradise is filled with warm beaches, exotic birds, and lush rainforests. This simple life is something I strive for every time I create a collection for Rylee + Cru.

As we all know, the reality is life is usually not simple. Our young children fill our days with midnight feedings, potty training, doctor appointments, school projects, meal planning and constant reminders of please and thank you’s…and that is usually just Mondays.

In a world where every minute of every day is packed with things to do, I find myself yearning for moments of calm and simplicity.  There is no place else on earth that makes me feel more relaxed than at the beach. The ocean air and the sand between my toes refresh my spirit...my mind is able to slow down and my kids are full of unbridled joy. I try to design Rylee + Cru with this peaceful simplicity in mind. Simple silhouettes that are easy to wear, colors that are neutral and fabrics that are always soft and comfortable.

So, here’s to all of us having a little more Pura Vida in our lives. 

Let’s all find time to slow down and soak up the love of our children. I hope this SS19 collection speaks to you and allows you to dress your child in comfort. Always know that Rylee + Cru is designed with a simple love.

- Kelli Murray -