DIY: Holiday Dried Orange Garland

DIY: Holiday Dried Orange Garland

We love a good family project, this DIY: Holiday Dried Orange Garland is the perfect one for this season! We even ended up making some into little ornaments for the tree and they look amazing! 


Materials You'll Need:

5/6 oranges



twine or fishing line

large needle

paper towels

baking sheet

parchment paper

step 1:

  • preheat your oven to 200-degrees
  • cut the oranges into thin slices (we used 5 oranges)
  • pat with a paper towel, this is to help remove moisture
  • line a baking sheet with parchment paper
  • lay the oranges out in a single layer, row by row


Here's how mine looked before putting in the oven:

step 2:

  • Cook for 1 hour in your 200-degree oven
  • Flip the oranges over. Cook for another hour, for a total of 3/4 hours 
  • Keep cooking oranges until they are dry to the touch, checking every 10 minutes and removing any ones that are dry or starting to brown. (thiner slices brown earlier) 

step 3.

  • to create the garland, leave some room at the beginning of the thread for hanging
  • begin to thread the orange slices one at a time, one stitch in each slice or I did two so they will hang straight
  • continue with as many oranges slices you would like to use, we used 5 slices 

With extras we decided to make a few ornaments, do yourself a favor and do this because they turned out pretty cute: all we did was make a loop with extra twine and hang on the tree! 

That's it! We love this easy holiday DIY, did we mention it smells delicious!?

Can't wait to see how you style your dried oranges!