Rylee + Cru x Mer Mag

Rylee + Cru x Mer Mag
We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Merrilee Liddiard. We have been big fans of hers for quite some time and knew our Prairieland Collection would be the perfect inspiration to create a few dolls of our own! Meet Hazel, Willow and Clementine, each is handsewn with a hand-painted face, making each one a unique work of art, wearing pieces of Rylee + Cru clothing.

Launching October 16th at 9am pacific time, on both ryleeandcru.com and merrileeliddiardshop.com 

Prairie Land girl Hazel is fond of baking. She likes to make fluffy biscuits with blackberry jam for her book club with prairie friends Clementine and Willow. Can you guess what their favorite book series is? Hazel comes in a specialty Rylee + Cru collared berry embroidered dress. She pairs this with a saddle gingham bonnet and mary jane shoes. She has red wool hair tied in braids and is midi size (26" long).

Prairie Land girl Willow loves the outdoors. She likes to invite her friends Hazel and Clementine camping. They snuggle inside their tent with sleeping bags and tell grande stories. When it gets too cold outside Willow takes her tent inside and has a campout indoors! Have your ever camped indoors? Willow comes in a specialty Rylee + Cru woven sparrow print dress. She pairs it with mary jane shoes and a saddle wool satchel for carrying prairie treasures. She has black wool hair tied in a crown braid and is midi size (26" long).

Prairie Land girl Clementine loves horses. For her there is nothing better than galloping through tall prairie grass on her horse Meadow and feeling the wind through her hair.  Lately Clementine has been working on lasso tricks and she’s starting to get pretty good at them too! Have you every tried to lasso? Clementine comes in a specialty Rylee + Cru striped ruffled v-dress. She pairs it with a black wool hat and boots. She has pink wool hair tied in looped braids and is midi size (26" long). ;