Meet the Founder | Kelli Murray Larson

Q+A with our Founder + Creative Director

What began for Kelli Murray Larson in the winter of 2014 as passion project, inspired by her own children Rylee and Cru, is now an established children’s clothing brand sold in 800+ retail boutiques and in 25+ countries.

Why did you start Rylee & Cru?

I started Rylee & Cru out of my own desire to see something in the market that I couldn't find myself.  Clothing for children that suited my own personal taste in color, art, and silhouettes. Never could I have imagined it would turn into what it is today!  It has been the wildest journey and I am so grateful for it all.

How did you get your start as an artist?

I've been creatively driven for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until college that I really started to pursue a career in art and design. I worked as a graphic designer for a clothing brand for 5 years while simultaneously honing my skills as an illustrator and fine artist.

My passions have always been fashion and art! I eventually became a full-time freelance artist and did everything from commissioned paintings to greeting cards, to branding and websites.  In 2011, I gave birth to my first daughter, Rylee, which introduced me to the world of children's clothing.  I was pretty underwhelmed by the options in the market at that time.....and it was then that the idea of starting a brand of my own was formed.

What are you most proud of?

When I look around my office and see all the amazing people I get to work alongside every day I feel really proud.  When I go out to dinner and see a cute family a few tables down with kids wearing my clothes, I feel really proud.  When we partner with various charity organizations who are really making a difference in people's lives...I feel really proud.  I think for me, it's really about the community we've built and the relationships formed as a result of the product we've created (which I am also pretty proud of) ;)

A History of Giving

Since Rylee + Cru's inception, there has been a desire to use the brand to promote doing good on both a local and national level via direct giving to those less fortunate. We believe through our business we have the privilege and responsibility to create support and financial resources for those in need and that we can be better neighbors and citizens by taking action.

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