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Organic Cotton, Ethically Sourced

Since the beginning we've only sourced the best organic cotton we could find. In the simplest terms possible, this means extreme intentionality in only using materials that you can be fully confident to put on your child, certified by our industry's highest standards.

We know that what you put on your littles matters, so putting our time and effort into sourcing all of the best, softest, and safest materials we can means that you don't have to.

Love. Wear. Repeat.

At Quincy Mae, sustainbility matters! By sourcing only the best cotton and materials we can share with you longer lasting, better washing garments and accessories that aren't disposable. We believe that cherished baby garments should be worn, well-loved, and then shared and not thrown away wastefully. This is why as a brand an emphasis is put on produces better quality and longer lasting items that live on beyond the initial wear and tear.

Ribbed Tee + Legging Set || Fleur

Regular price $ 23.40
Regular price $ 39 Sale price $ 23.40
- 40%

Drawstring Pant || Periwinkle

Regular price $ 13.20
Regular price $ 22 Sale price $ 13.20
- 40%